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Super Weird Trailer for Takashi Shimizu’s ‘Rabbit Horror 3D’



Still burning after the horrid Shock Labyrinth 3D, it’s hard to get excited for Takashi Shimizu’s (The Grudge) latest effort, Rabbit Horror 3D.

Starring Mitsushima Hikari, Kagawa Teruyuki, Omori Nao, and Ogawa Tamaki Rabbit Horror 3D is inspired by Alice in Wonderland, as the story mainly focuses on a stuffed rabbit from an alternate world. Just to give an outline of the movie, it tells the story of Mitsushima’s brother, who is sent to an alternate world after receiving the rabbit. To retrieve her brother, Mitsushima’s character will unravel the secret behind the animal.

While filming isn’t expected to be finished until September 8, the first Japanese trailer has made its way online — and it’s freaking WEIRD. Rabbit Horror 3D will open in Japan in 2011.