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Fantasia ’11 [Review] ‘The Theater Bizarre’ Lives Up to Its Name!

One of the biggest shockers out of the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal was Severin Films’ The Theatre Bizarre, their massive horror anthology featuring the likes of Tom Savini, Richard Stanley, Douglas Buck and many more. Quite reminiscent of HBO’s classic “Tales From the Crypt”, the anthology will be celebrated by all kinds of genre fans.

Well-paced, absolutely hilarious, scary, bloody, grotesque and demented, ‘Theatre Bizarre’ lives up to its name. Shockingly carrying only a few missteps, an audience is recommended for one of those true movie-going experiences that’ll end with cheers and applause.

Click the title for the entire review and watch for many more in the coming week as Fantasia continues on!

Theater Bizarre



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