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Foreign ‘Apollo 18’ Poster Does the Crawl of Death

September is right around the corner, which is exciting because we’ll finally learn why we’ve never returned to the moon.

While Dimension Films just released a frightening new one sheet for Apollo 18, the Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego-directed sci-fi horror film that takes real-life conspiracy theories and blends them into a (hopefully) horrifying first person scarefest, a much cooler international version blasted off this afternoon.

In theater September 2, “ The film unearths footage from Apollo 18’s undocumented and covert mission to the moon, revealing disturbing new evidence of other life forms.

It’s an extraterrestrial film that was greenlit when Russian director Timur Bekmambetov presented film footage purported to have been shot by the crew of Apollo 18. That moon mission from the early ’70s was officially canceled by NASA, but according to urban legend, it actually happened. Timur’s footage shows signs of alien life, and the events of the mission are built into a thriller story line.
Apollo 18 poster

Apollo 18 poster



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