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[Mini-Review] ‘Todd and the Book of Pure Evil’

I’ve always prided myself in not being into girly girl things. Well, sure, I like to dress up and look pretty, but throw me a good male humor dominated joke – and I will laugh. Plus, I listen to a lot of metal. Combine these two things into a show and you have a program I am now in love with. Todd & The Book of Pure Evil.

The series premiered on the Canadian Space Channel last year, and was picked up by Fearnet here in the US and made its debut this last Tuesday…

So, I like metal and I am partial to things from Canada (like Mr. Taylor, who also has educated me in the world of music) – thus, I knew I’d probably like this show. Within minutes of its start, terms like boner, douchecake and penis hole were flying from the characters mouths – and I was enthralled. I am sure my mother would be proud.

The storyline is simple. Todd, played by Alex House, is a loser metalhead who is in love with hottie Jenny Kolinsky (Maggie Castle). To do compete for Jenny’s love, and for fame in the Battle of the Bands, Todd must find the book of evil – which is naturally made from the foreskin of Judas, of course. The book will give him what he wants and fulfill his desires (within his pants).

Unfortunately, the town secretly founded by Satanist and we come to learn that the Book of Pure Evil is similar to a monkey paw and grants wishes in horrid ways. It also has a tendency to fly away. Thus, Jenny, Todd and his friend Curtis have to team up to save the day.

The 5 second theme song sounds similar to the opening riff from Nuke the Cross by Toxic Holocaust. Which is totally great. Jason Mewes (yes, Jay of Jay and Silent Bob) shows up as Jimmy the Janitor. And basically, despite being Canadian (and really, only a handful of shows from Canada were good like Today’s Special, You Can’t Do That On Television, and the original Degrassi), it’s a pretty fun 30-minute program!

If you like metal and offensive jokes -check it out on Fearnet! It will most definitely tickle your fancy!

3.5/5 Skulls



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