Release Date Shifts: 'Darkest Hour' on Christmas, 'World War Z' Begins a Year Later - Bloody Disgusting
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Release Date Shifts: ‘Darkest Hour’ on Christmas, ‘World War Z’ Begins a Year Later



Summit Entertainment is pulling something strange with their alien sci-fi horror The Darkest Hour (set report from Moscow) by apparently avoiding a holiday filled with Steven Spielberg films. Originally slated to open on December 23 against Spielberg’s Adventures of Tintin, the Chris Gorak-directed 3D end of the world chiller now opens on December 25, Christmas Monday. Oddly enough, the following Friday Darkest Hour will do battle with yet another Spielberg film, War Horses, a World War 1 drama from DreamWorks. I guess they’re hoping to win the holiday “week”? I personally find this a bit odd considering the films are all aimed at different audiences. Why would you lose out on THREE days during a holiday weekend? That’s like leaving $40 million on the table – not to mention the film will still lose out to Tintin in its second week of release. Sounds beyond idiotic to me…

In other news, Paramount Pictures is raising the dead a year later as they’ve locked down a December 21, 2012 holiday release for Marc Forster’s World War Z starring Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, James Badge Dale and Bryan Cranston. The pic follows United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Pitt) as he tries to stop a global Zombie pandemic.


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