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Trailer for Grindhouse-esque Short ‘Black Guy on a Rampage’

DefTone Pictures Studios, the Buffalo, New York outfit behind the recent zombie feature The Final Night and Day, is now gearing up for some madness with the short film Black Guy on a Rampage, a violent revenge thriller in the vein of Hobo With a Shotgun.

Written and directed by Adam Steigert, who co-founded DefTone Pictures Studios with fellow filmmaker Stephanie Andrews, below you’ll find a cool still, with the trailer inside.

A quiet Sunday night at Rightman’s Bar and Restaurant when “he” walks in. A black ex-military man carrying a military issued duffel bag. He appears to be unemployed, homeless and dirty. As his origins become clearer, his anger begins to fuel when he realizes he has entered the same restaurant where one of the men responsible for the death of his son is eating.



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