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First Look: ‘The Bird With the Broken Wing’ One Sheet

Updated with two teasers inside:

Director Cameron Cloutier has released the first one sheet for Bird with a Broken Wing, which is said to be based on the true story of Janelle Lisa Cruz, who was the last known victim of the East Area Rapist (the original Night Stalker). The Night Stalker is the most wanted serial killer/sex offender in California history. Throughout the years over 50 rapes, numerous break-ins and 10 murders that stretch the length of CA have been attributed to this bastard, and very few people have ever even heard of him.

The film will chronicle her life as well the killer’s crimes as they each continue to move a step closer to meeting that fateful night, examining the reason why she was the last,” Cloutier explained. “The film is based on my own extensive research and interviews with the family members that I’ve conducted over the last two years, which in turn has caused the FBI to carefully look at a few suspects a bit more closely thanks to the info I’ve gathered.

Check out the poster inside.
The true story of Janelle Cruz, the last known victim of the East Area Rapist/Original Night Stalker (EAR/ONS)–a serial killer, rapist responsible for over 50 rapes/10 murders and is still the most sought after criminal in California’s history. The case even lead to Prop 69 passing a few years ago stating that repeated offenders in prison must submit their DNA.

The film will follow Janelle’s life and the EAR/ONS crimes until their two paths ultimately meet on that fateful night. The film will examine why she was the last victim and perhaps why he is still uncaught.



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