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[Review] ‘The Caller’ Had Great Potential

Now in limited theaters everywhere from Samuel Goldwyn Films is Mathew Parkhill’s The Caller, which stars Stephen Moyer and Rachelle Lefevre of “True Blood” and Twilight fame, respectively. Evan Dickson writes in with his thoughts on the chiller, and I couldn’t agree more: it’s a pretty outstanding concept that should have been much, much better…

As it stands, it’s a good movie with great potential that I wanted to work just a little bit better than it did…. Ultimately, the worst thing I can say about ‘The Caller’ could also pass for a compliment. I liked it enough to want more out of it.

You can read the entire review by clicking the title above. Check out our exclusive video interviews with Parkhill and Moyer, and our report from the red carpet event in Puerto Rico.



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