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Ti West Directing a Werewolf Movie Next?

While speaking to the Film 4 FrightFest audience in London this past weekend, Ti West revealed that he has written a “kind of” werewolf movie, reports Bleeding Cool. No details were given as he spent most of the time taking about his new sci-fi feature set in space called The Side Effects.

It’s called ‘The Side Effects’… It’s a science fiction movie about… it has to do with pharmaceutical testing in space and paranoia,” he told audiences. “It will be bigger budgeted, but in a way it would fill out a trilogy with ‘House of the Devil’ and ‘The Inkeepers’ as far as dealing with isolation and paranoia, and that kind of psychological fear, but it’s set in space.

West was in London premiering The Innkeepers, arriving later this year. He also directed The Roost and The House of the Devil.



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