[Review] TIFF '11: 'Melancholia' a Masterpiece of Emotional Pain - Bloody Disgusting
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[Review] TIFF ’11: ‘Melancholia’ a Masterpiece of Emotional Pain



Playing at this month’s Toronto International Film Festival is Lars von Trier’s emotionally destructive Melancholia, a drama that has some truly horrific elements: such as the dissection of how a group of people deal with death.

To say this is a genre film would be a fallacy, but it’s hard to turn your back on a movie that will shred you to the core and literally crush your soul as much as ‘Melancholia’ will…. [and] as much as people despise von Trier’s arrogance, ‘Melancholia’ is literally a book on filmmaking, a flawless piece of art that should be shown to every aspiring director/writer/etc. until the end of the Earth, and the universe.

Click the title for the entire review. Magnolia will release on November 11.


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