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‘Chained’ To Be Unveiled At TIFF

It’s just been announced that Myriad Pictures has just picked up Chained and will be handling the pic’s international sales at the Toronto International Film Festival next week. Anchor Bay has the U.S. rights and is planning an early 2012 release.

Chained was directed by Jennifer Lynch (Surveillance, Boxing Helena) and stars Vincent D’Onofrio (“Law And Order: Criminal Intent”, Full Metal Jacket), Julia Ormond (Man Of Steel, The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button) and Eamon Farron (Blessed, “The Pacific”).

The pic is “the story of a serial killer ( D’Onofrio) who kidnaps a 9-year-old boy. Now a teenager, the boy learns the only way to survive is by following in the killer’s footsteps. He must make his move to escape before he becomes like the monster that now considers himself his father.”



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