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‘Friday the 13th’ Getting Found Footage Treatment?

Think Jason Voorhees is dead? Think again. The boys over at Shocktillyoudrop are reporting that development talks continue on for a sequel to the 2009 reboot that put Derek Mears behind the mask of the infamous slasher.

The site reports that the beloved horror icon could be adapting to the “found footage” treatment. Brad Fuller at Platinum Dunes assured us today, however, that there is still no movement on any sort on sequel to Dunes’ 2009 production. He would not confirm or deny the company was fielding ideas from other writers. “There’s no other place I’d rather be than Crystal Lake right now,” he told Shock. As previously stated, a sequel penned by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift had not yet been given the green light.

The site also smartly reminds us all that beyond Platinum Dunes, a few entities need to agree to another Friday the 13th, including Paramount, New Line and Sean Cunningham. Until they align and the studios give a green light, don’t expect a sequel.



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