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US Teaser For ‘The Pack’ Mostly Just Quick Cuts From The UK Trailer



A few months back we brought you the UK Trailer for French horror film The Pack, directed by Frank Richard. Then a couple weeks ago we got a peek at some nice high resolution images.

Now we have a look at the US Teaser for the film. It doesn’t show much we haven’t seen before but why not give it a whirl?

The pic follows Charlotte (Emilie Dequenne), a beautiful but rough around the edges kind of girl, who drives a beat-up station wagon in the countryside of northern France. Her journey takes a turn when she picks up a mysterious hitchhiker (Benjamine Biolay), with whom she strikes an unusual bond. Stopping at a roadside diner, her new companion strangely disappears, and Charlotte finds herself knocked unconscious and held captive. She soon encounters a peculiar and disturbed woman (Yolande Moreau), and discovers that her blood is being used to feed a “pack” of flesh-eating ghouls.

The Pack hits DVD and VOD on September 27th. Check out the US teaser after the jump.

US Teaser courtesy of STYD


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