'Devil's Bridge' Promises Deliverance For Wolf Creek Fans - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Devil’s Bridge’ Promises Deliverance For Wolf Creek Fans



We’ve got a look at a few stills (with more to come) on a new indie called Devil’s Bridge. Directed by Chris Crow, the film is described as Wolf Creek meets Deliverance and has recently picked up distribution in the UK, Scandinavia, Australia and New Zealand.

Devil’s Bridge’ is a stark, psychological thriller / survival horror. The protagonist Sean’s (Joseph Millson), livelihood is on the rocks, so he sets out to meet an underworld specialist who can facilitate an off-the-books solution to his failing business. Heading into the rural isolation of Wales with his friends Adam (Michael Jibson) and Danny (Gary Mavers), Sean finds himself in unknown and deeply alien territory, and they cross paths with William Parry (Joshua Richards), a hardened farmer, consumed by paranoia and a lifetime of bitter resentment, a powder keg ready to blow. Their encounter spins out of control, spiraling into a horrific ‘Heart of Darkness’ spree of violence and revenge as William hunts them through a stark and unforgiving terrain.

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