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Boycott Of ‘Halloween 2’ Blu-Ray?

Been itching to pick up the original Halloween 2 on Blu-ray? Should you even be able to find it, the family of producer Moustapha Akkad would like you to think twice.

Universal has removed the “Moustapha Akkad Presents” title card from the film itself and instead has replaced it with its own title card in a font that doesn’t even match the rest of the credits.

The guys over at Shock Till You Drop spoke with Malek Akkad (Moutapha’s son), “It’s disgusting. It’s a disgrace, obviously, bias, objectively, any horror fan would find this as an insult to the man who has done so much to the series. And to come after his tragic death, he’s not even around to defend himself. It’s classless. I’m talking to Universal now and they’re ‘looking into it.’

You might want to wait to pick this one up until the air is clear. Akkad is urging a boycott until the omission is corrected.



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