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Meet the ‘Werewolf’ Hunters for Next ‘Wolfman’ Flick



Steven Bauer (Scarface, Raising Cain) revealed in an interview with Moviehole that he will star alongside both Stephen Rea (Interview with the Vampire, V for Vendetta) and Ed Quinn (“Eureka”) in Universal Home Entertainment’s untitled Werewolf, a potential reboot of The Wolfman being directed by Louis Morneau.

The new film, penned by Michael Tabb, will take place in a 1901 Romania with the lead character, “Daniel,” caring for his sick mother and attending medical school. Daniel is then recruited to join a group of nomad bounty-hunters tracking down “a disturbing presence” terrorizing the town. Daniel and “Charles” quickly bond and must work together to uncover who this new breed of werwolf is. From what I’m being told, this sequel is very “whodunit”.
Pictured: Steven Bauer, left, Stephen Rea, middle, and Ed Quinn


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