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Incredibly Rare Uncut Version of ‘The Shining’ Screens in New York

One of my all time favorite horror films in Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 The Shining, a cinematic masterpiece starring Jack Nicholson that blends psychological terror and supernatural horror beautifully.

Website Bleeding Cool reports that the Dryden Theater will host a very special screening of an incredibly rare UNCUT version of The Shining in New York on October 22.

According to lore, Kubrick had re-edited the Stephen King adaptation a few days after it first started screening, in this case trimming away around four minutes. What will lucky NY attendees witness on October 22?

The scenes in question come directly before the film’s climactic push-in towards the photo,” says the site.

Firstly, there’s a little moment where some state troopers look for Jack, frozen in the ice, but don’t seem to be seeing him – for whatever reason.

Then a longer scene. It’s set in a hospital, where Ullman, the Overlook’s manager, tries to convince Wendy and Danny that nothing supernatural had happened in his hotel. He explains that Jack’s body was not recovered, and he gives Danny a tennis ball – presumably the same one that he followed into room 237.

Will it make the film better? Roger Ebert wrote in 2006 (via Wikipedia), “Kubrick was wise to remove that epilogue. It pulled one rug too many out from under the story.



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