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[Random Cool] Zombies Roamed Medieval Ireland, 696 Famous Characters Go 8-Bit, Stuffless Toys!

The first of the random cool is the following image of a whopping 696 famous characters drawn to look like 8-bit Mario! In the second row of the first image you’ve got Freddy, Jason, Michael Myers, Leatherface, Pinhead and Hannibal Lecter. In the third image, you’ve got Predator, Alien and Hellboy!

For those of you who enjoy some terror in other areas of your life, I was contacted by the owner of a new horror plush toy company looking for some press. I think the product is cool, so hopefully you will too. Bloody Disgusting has been supplied with a special coupon code for 20% off Stuffless products, which include zombie, vampire and werewolf plush dolls! You can see an image inside of all three dolls. Enter the code “BLOODY” upon purchase for the 20% discount. The offer is good for one week, so get on it!

Did zombies roam medieval Ireland? Discovery reports that two 8th-century skeletons with stones shoved in their mouths suggest that the people of the time thought so. The large stones wedged into their mouths was evidence, archaeologists say, that it was feared the individuals would rise from their graves like zombies. Check out the pic below.

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