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‘TimeCrimes’ Director Heads to the Rear ‘Window’

Wild Bunch has picked up the international sales rights (NOT distribution rights, for all the sites who will lift this news and misreport it) to Oscar-nominated Spanish director Nacho Vigalondo‘s hotly anticipated new thriller project Windows, currently in development, reports Screen Daily.

Vigalondo has written the script for Windows, which is going to be a thriller about watching and being watched on the internet “in a style similar to Alfred Hitchock’s film Rear Window,” Vigalondo told the mag.

Vigalondo’s sci-fi romantic comedy Extraterrestre is currently screening to much acclaim at the San Sebastian film festival and at TIFF.

Pre-production on Windows is expected to start soon and the producers are approaching top level US/international actors for lead roles of the same calibre as Ryan Reynolds, who starred in Spanish director Rodrigo Cortes’ film Buried.

Vigalondo’s short film “7:35 In The Morning” was nominated for an Oscar and his feature debut TimeCrimes was a great success in Spain and is due to be remade in the US by DreamWorks.



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