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Lionsgate’s Making The ‘Dead Island’ Movie

Back when the trailer for Dead Island made its premiere a couple months ago, a lot of people were literally calling it “the best trailer ever”. I sort of disagree. For one, it’s basically just that one Coldplay video, only with zombies. And two, it had nothing to really do with the game itself.

However, even with my reservations against it, I have to admit it was a stirring piece of promotion. And I certainly can’t fault anyone for liking it. In fact, Lionsgate likes it so much that it seems their Dead Island movie will be primarily based on the game’s trailer rather than the game itself.

Like the trailer that will serve as its primary creative inspiration, the film ‘Dead Island’ will be an innovation of the zombie genre because of its focus on human emotion, family ties and non-linear storytelling. ‘Like the hundreds of journalists and millions of fans who were so passionate and vocal about the Dead Island trailer, we too were awestruck… This is exactly the type of property we’re looking to adapt at Lionsgate – it’s sophisticated, edgy, and a true elevation of a genre that we know and love. It also has built in brand recognition around the world, and franchise potential.’

Check out the teaser in question after the jump.



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