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Oh My Gore! Produces Indie Horror ‘Fever’

After the opening of an online shop and the creation of a video-distribution company two years ago, Oh My Gore! now gets down to the nitty-gritty co-producing the tentatively titled Fever, Romain Basset’s directorial debut in feature film.

No plot details are available.

Romain’s previous works, videos and short films “BLOODY CURRENT EXCHANGE” & “REMY” (watch them here) have already been singled out in the French genre-cinema industry.

More recently he worked on the acclaimed anthology The Theatre Bizarre as Richard Stanley’s first assistant director and participated in the development of its wraparound.

Well-known talented artists will join into this adventure since Catriona MacColl, Lucio Fulci’s muse who needs no introduction, will play one of the leading parts along with a totally British cast. In addition, Romain Basset will be assisted by Adam Kempton, an emblematic figure of the British cinema, who worked not only as a 1st AD for Ridley Scott, Alan Parker, John Boorman or Ken Russell, but also as an associate producer on Roman Polanski’s The Ninth Gate.

On the musical side, with a view to put forward something totally new, they have asked the famous French Glam Rock band BlackRain to take charge of the score of the film, and the newly Parisian rock musicians have enthusiastically accepted to take up the challenge.

The film will be shot with the Red MX camera.



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