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New ‘Paranormal Activity 3’ TV Spot Shows More 80’s VHS Scares!

Hot on the heels of a successful screening at Fantastic Fest last month the Paranormal Activity 3 marketing machine is hitting overdrive in anticipation of the film’s upcoming release.

This newest TV Spot packs a lot of new footage into its 30 seconds. Mr. Disgusting has gone on record saying that the trailers for the 3rd one alone seem more eventful than the entirety of the 2nd movie, and on first glance I tend to agree. Even if none of this gets us closer to understanding Nev’s tramp stamp in Catfish, it does help us gain a greater insight into the effed up technicolor childhood that leads to Katie Featherston’s poltergeist troubles later in life.

Franchise creator and producer Oren Peli returns with Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman directing from a screenplay by Disturbia scribe Christopher B. Landon. Paranormal Activity 3 lands in theaters October 21st.

Hit the jump to check out the new spot!



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