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Netflix Rises from the Grave with ‘The Walking Dead’

Netflix is casting its eye towards premium series: the streaming/DVD-by-mail distrib has inked a multi-year licensing agreement with AMC that will cover prior seasons of The Walking Dead with season one made available beginning Friday Oct. 7, says Variety.

Season two will be made available just before the preem of season three, and so on.

Netflix has attracted plenty of attention in recent weeks as it has attempted to shift consumer focus to its streaming service, which is much less expensive to maintain.

The company introduced a 60% price hike on its most basic package in July and announced last month that it would distribute its DVDs through a separate division called Qwikster.

Reaction to the consumer cost increase has been negative, with the company losing more subscribers than anticipated and enduring some criticism over the gap in quality between its exhaustive DVD library and its less-complete streaming offerings. Deals like this one may help offset some of that criticism, but major content publishers like HBO are still holdouts as far as the streaming service is concerned.



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