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[Review] BC Calls ‘The Walking Dead’ “Better Than Ever”

The Walking Dead

This weekend AMC kicks off the Halloween season with their 90-minute season premiere of The Walking Dead: Season Two, the hopeful beginning to a new era of undead mayhem. Nervous after the off-season drama, BC has put my worries to rest with his thoughts on episode 2.1. Here’s what he had to say:

Few could argue that “Walking Dead’s” first season was inconsistent; when it was good it was great, and when it was off you might start wondering why you even watched the show in the first place. And with the behind the scenes drama surrounding the show as of late, there was some fear that the show might run itself into the ground faster than you can say “Heroes”. Well, if the season premiere of Season 2 is any indication, we don’t need to worry about a damn thing – if anything, it’s better than ever.

Click the title for the entire review and then write your own after it premiere on Sunday.



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