UK FX Guru Gets Behind the Camera for 'Omni' - Bloody Disgusting!

UK FX Guru Gets Behind the Camera for ‘Omni’

Tristan Versluis, best known for his SFX in the UK, is getting behind the camera for the sci-fi horror Omni. Check out some of his work in the above showreel! British actress Charlotte Hunter will star.

‘Omni’ tells the story of an abducted woman, Abbi (Charlotte Hunter), recently freed from a Berlin prison after being convicted of a crime despite pleading innocence. Seeing her daughter for the first time in seven years, she celebrates. That evening she is taken by an unidentified object within a bright light and subjected to extreme experiments and surgical probing.

Abbi wakes to find herself in unknown and uncomfortable surroundings and roams by day searching for answers, learning why she had been a chosen one. Each night she is haunted and taken, only to wake again in a new location. Abbi has to fight to her freedom whilst uncovering a menace that threatens the planet’s existence.