[Podcast] Double Murder: 'The Thing' Remake vs Prequel! - Bloody Disgusting
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[Podcast] Double Murder: ‘The Thing’ Remake vs Prequel!



Tim returns to join Danny! for the latest episode of “Double Murder“: The Thing (remake vs prequel)!!! The confusion begins with John Carpenter’s 1982 classic creature flick The Thing, which is in fact a remake itself. It’s been 29 years later and we’re treated to the half prequel/half remake (premakequel?), but still same-named The Thing.

The guys sort out the chronology and terminology of the two movies, and talk about the cultural impact (or lack thereof) and the finer points of ultra-gore, sci-fi creature effects used to bring The Thing to life. Which one will be named the winner, and which one is just a cheap alien clone? Tune in to find out!

You’ll find the episode above, below, at this link or by searching for “Bloody Disgusting” on iTunes!


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