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AFM ’11: Travel the Seven Levels of Hell With ‘Lilith’

After a bunch of teases on a hidden blog, filmmaker Sridhar Reddy is gearing up for AFM by releasing the first official plot details and teaser trailer for Lilith, which stars Julia Voth as a woman traveling through the several levels of Hell.

Contemporary take on Dante’s ‘Inferno,’ ‘Lilith’ is the story of Sarah Wilson, who finds herself haunted by visions of her tragically murdered younger sister, Lilith. After a night of surreal terror, Sarah is led by her visions of her dead sister into a hellish labyrinth populated by bloodthirsty demons and bedeviled ghosts from her past. Her journey into darkness forces Sarah to confront painful secrets and her innermost fears, and her path back to reality is one fraught with terror, sadness and deception.



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