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Supernatural Horror From Brazil: ‘Fear Therapy’

From Cinema do Brasil comes Roberto Moreira’s Fear Therapy, Brazilian horror production set to shoot early next year for release in 2013. The film is pre-selling at next week’s AFM.

Clara, 27, enters a catatonic state after losing her husband and daughter in a terrible car crash. Fernanda, Clara’s twin sister, suffers from chronic insomnia and is admitted to a rehab clinic, where she is treated with hypnosis. During a trance, she sees the accident and goes after her sister. The traditional methods to the cure of catatonia seem not to work on Clara, who is getting worse day by day, but Fernanda finds a possibility of cure in a research done by late Dr. Afonso. On the Doctor’s old lab, surrounded by supernatural events, the boundaries between life and death, between past and present, surpass the scope of fear.



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