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Rock Out to Our Bloody Disgusting Selects Video Promo!



Just in time for Halloween we’ve assembled a pretty cool new trailer for our Bloody Disgusting Selects horror line that includes the hyper German zombie flick Rammbock: Berlin Undead, the Shining-esque supernatural horror YellowBrickRoad, the post-apocalyptic black comedy Phase 7, the found footage Spanish supernatural horror Atrocious, Sion Sono’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre/Takashi Miike-esque Cold Fish, Lucky McKee’s controversial The Woman and Trent Haaga’s forthcoming comedy Chop!

Get more by visiting Bloody Disgusting Select’s official website. Most films are now available on DVD, iTunes, Amazon, and various On Demand (from Xbox to PS3, VUDU, CinemaNow and much, much more!) Make your Halloween Bloody and Disgusting!!!!

The promo features Staind’s single “Eyes Wide Open” from their self-titled new album


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