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Demonic Powers Unleashed in ‘Lost Souls’

Lost Soul is the first film completed by Pathfinder Productions and readied for film markets. This is a psychological thriller that mixes the occult, a damaged individual and a couple just trying to get by. Dark and light collide in this tale of terror, which stars Nick Mancuso (Deadtime Stories 2) and Dave Vescio (Virus X). Vescio, a theatrically trained actor, plays Donald, a shy man with the ability to summon supernatural elements, and prolific actor Mancuso portrays Dr. Charles Crowther, a man investigating some strange goings-on in a local apartment. Will Crowther uncover Vescio’s demonic powers?

A sexually obsessed loner’s (Vescio) practice of the occult shatters a young couple’s dreams, drawing them into a supernatural nightmare. This is a psychological thriller that exposes the dark underbelly of Hollywood and some of the seedy characters therein.

Check out the trailer above and AFM sales art inside.



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