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AFM ’11: The American Film Market and 100 New Horror Films!

Every November we assault you, I mean we literally assault you with hundreds of half-assed stories from the American Fim Market (AFM), which takes place annually in Santa Monica, CA.

What’s this market we speak of?

For the average movie journalist there’s not much there, but for us horror fiends who need our constant genre fix it’s the biggest buzz of the year. There are literally hundreds of new films dropped on our radars within the course of 24 hours. It’s even the place major films have been discovered from Moon to Splice, Dance of the Dead, Inside and even Frontier(s). For us who can’t afford a trip out of the country, this is THE market for new horror films.

So we assault you, yes, with information on hundreds of new titles. It’s a great way to get them all in our database for future referencing when companies acquire these guys for future release. We’ve been trying to keep the mass of it off the front page, with most of it being buried in our independent news section. For ease, if you want to scour it all, click here for nearly a hundred breaking stories. News will continues through the weekend. Brace yourself.



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