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Quentin Tarantino Scores ‘Upper’, Gets Cold Feet?



Odds are I’m being tricked into publishing this story, but whomever is behind this viral output deserves a nod for grabbing my attention and wasting a good 30 minutes of my morning trying to understand what I was looking at. Now it’s your turn.

Doing some research, the madness apparently began earlier this year when a YouTube video surfaced depicting a young girl overdosing and a group of kids standing around laughing. Allegedly, an extortion plot was set into motion back in November of 2010 surrounding the footage, in an attempt get a pay day from the people involved. When a deal wasn’t reached, footage was slowly released into the world. Apparently there’s 393 minutes of recorded evidence.

Anyways, it was reported back in July that Quentin Tarantino had acquired all of the footage with the intent on releasing it as a film entitled Upper. The big conspiracy surrounding the footage is that one of the alleged identified teens is Blake Pennington, apparently someone famous whom I’ve never heard of (researching led me to some college football pages, so maybe he’s a big football star?)

Anyways, after a series of backlash, rumor has it that Tarantino is getting cold feet and backing off releasing the film – yet other unknown parties are pushing to get it released. The questions are: is this real footage and are they actually trying to be bury it, or is this some sort of brilliant viral stunt? I can’t find the clues and have about 100 other things to do today, thus I shall leave you with the following “leaked” trailer. Talk below.


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