Horror In Your House: November 8th, 2011 - Bloody Disgusting
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Horror In Your House: November 8th, 2011



The post Halloween slump is in full effect as another lackluster release week is upon us. The only thing I am even considering is Frank Henenlotter’s Frankenhooker on Blu-ray. Hope you all have a great week.

Gingers crossed we see more horror next Tuesday…. Horror In Your House
November 8th, 2011

7 NIGHTS OF DARKNESS – Midnight Releasing

In 2008 six reality television show contestants spent seven nights in an abandoned and haunted asylum. The show never aired but an editor for the network was able to piece together some footage. The prize for staying all seven nights was a share of one million dollars that was to be split amongst any contestants that didn’t leave. No prize money was ever awarded.


Wings Hauser builds a hallucinogenic house of horrors in this bloodcurdling thriller! Alice is experiencing a breakdown. Her cold, unsympathetic husband is cheating on her. She is having vivid psychotic nightmares and the only thing keeping her happy is setting up house in her newly-acquired country estate. But the home — and her shattered nerves — are in need of repair. Until Alice discovers the perfect man for the job. In the delirious dead of night, a strange solitary worker (Wings Hauser – “Vice Squad,” “Tough Guys Don’t Dance”) is inexplicably renovating her house.


In the small town of Coburg, a young boy named Wendell Graves witnesses the brutal murder of his parents in their own bedroom. He watches in horror as a masked man stabs the couple repeatedly with a crowbar. Wendell escapes and spends the next 15 years of his life silently locked up in his aunt’s farmhouse. There she plays the innocent caretaker, brainwashing him into believing that anyone and everyone who enters his parents’ home is an intruder who must meet the same fate as they did. When newcomers Alex and Veronica move to town, they have no idea the fate that awaits them. On the first night in their new home, Wendell returns to destroy the intruders. After slashing his way through Veronica’s friends, Wendell disappears into the night leaving Alex and Veronica searching for answers. Receiving no help from the people who live in the strange town, Alex and Veronica discover the tragic past that threatens to swallow them as it has so many before. Wendell Graves follows them at every turn and when Alex and Veronica split up to find the answers, Alex discovers that they were lured to town by a sociopathic real estate agent. Fearing the worst, Alex races against time to find his wife before it’s too late. Crowbar is a thrilling slasher film in the vein of Halloween and Psycho that dives deep into the psyche of jealousy and hatred.

FRANKENHOOKER (Blu-ray) – Synapse Films

The Frankenstein legend gets stitched up by the makers of “BASKET CASE” and “BRAIN DAMAGE” in this outrageous horror comedy. When his pretty fiancee “goes to pieces” under the blades of a runaway lawnmower, aspiring mad scientist Jeffrey Franken hatches an unorthodox scheme to bring his beloved back to life. He reassembles his girlfriend from the body parts of New York prostitutes. But his dreamgirl runs amok on 42nd Street, turning tricks that literally make people’s head spin. Can Jeffrey still find true love? Or has he created a monster?

MICAH SAYS: I’ve always loved the tagline for this movie, “A Terrifying Tale of Sluts and Bolts.” It doesn’t get much better than that. Great practical effects, crazy deaths (Hello remote controlled lawnmower!) and it’s pretty damn hilarious to boot. PICK OF THE WEEK.

I SOLD MY SOUL TO SATAN – Chemical Burn Entertainment

REAL Zombies, Vampires, Witches and Demons – NOTHING is off limits in La La Land. Thousands of Hollywood hopefuls lineup around the block to be selected to strike a deal with Satan himself in order to achieve the unattainable stardom they so desperately seek. The turnout yields not only dedicated actors and musicians who can’t get a break, but a legion of seemingly successful people willing to sign in blood not to attain immortality or world peace – but for material things like money, houses, cars and diamonds or even lesser things like a gun you never have to re-load. Ultimately, Kai Blackwood, an aspiring rock star is chosen and embarks on a nefarious path of real-life occult practices following the instructions laid out in the ancient book ‘Le Grande Grimoire’ and proceeds to LITERALLY sell his soul to the Devil.


Klaus (Günter Meisner of The Boys of Brazil) is an ex-Nazi, a doctor whose war-time post in a concentration camp enabled him to commit the most appalling sex crimes against boys. After the war, living incognito in Spain, he again gives in to his depraved desires, until shame and despair drive him to an unsuccessful suicide attempt. Now confined to his room and kept alive on an iron lung, he is ministered to by his resentful wife Griselda (Marisa Paredes of All About my Mother) and her daughter Rena (Gisela Echevarina). Into this environment comes Angelo (David Sust), a strange, handsome young man who offers his services as a nurse. Against Griselda’s judgment, Klaus insists that the visitor be allowed to take the post. A perverse relationship develops between Angelo and Klaus, becoming ever more macabre as Angelo reveals he has found diaries detailing his employer’s war-time activities. Words turn to deeds, Klaus’s shame turns once again to desire, and a new spate of killings begin.


Terror, sex and Satanic rituals are on a one-way ride to Hell in Satan’s Blood, one of the most horrific and sexiest thrillers from Spain! In this occult chiller, Andy and Anna are a bored couple who decide to go for a drive in the country. On the way, they meet another couple who claim to know them from many years before. Despite their uncertainty, Andy and Anna agree to visit the mysterious couple’s country house and end up staying the night.


So once again, Nilbog calls to you! It calls you back… Do you hear it? Howard does. And once again he and his band of merry men venture through that covered bridge and back into the world of monsters! With Cornelius still trapped in the town and on the run from zombies, Howard and crew try to seek him out for a glorious rescue and at the same time cure Howard’s all new zombie bite which has the poison in him! Can you handle the Key times 3? Can you handle naked bodies bouncing through every scene? Can YOU! HANDLE! A French puppet? Gore, chills, and thrills await you over that bridge. So take a journey into the crazed and disturbed. For they are waiting… For you.

ZOMBIE 4: AFTER DEATH (Blu-ray) – Shriek Show

A woman returns to the tropical island where her parents, two research scientists, were murdered while working on a cure for cancer. With the aid of mercenary soldiers, she uncovers a diabolical voodoo priest who raises the dead for an all-out war against the living!


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