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AFM ’11: True Crime Tale of ‘American Girls’

Eric Anthony Pereira, the man behind the pretty OK thriller The Locals, directs American Girls, which is said to be based on horrific true events about the abduction of two high school girls that decimates a small town and exposes the corruption, greed and murder that lies beneath the demeanor of everyday God fearing people.

The crime/horror film is loosely inspired by the Bega Schoolgirl Murders (a notorious Australian case which took place in 1997 – the location and date have both been changed for this production) is set to go before the cameras in January 2012.

‘American Girls’ is a dark, nihilistic tale about the abduction, rape and murder of two high school girls and the fallout that nearly decimates a small Mid-Western town as long buried secrets surface when the police begin to put together the pieces of the crime. Using the framework of movies such as The Social Network, American Girls offers no easy answers. Using multiple character points of view; the film presents a harrowing, psychologically astute look at a tragic crime and an uncompromising glimpse at what contributed to the death of the girls, the aftermath their families face and the utterly evil personas of their murderers.

Kristina Page (A Lure: Teen Fight Club, Aqua Caliente) and Devanny Pinn (Song of the Shattered, Piranha 3D). Cast members that have signed on include Burgandi Phoenix, Josh Hammond (Jeepers Creepers II), Chris Anglin (A Christmas Carol), professional wrestler Al Snow (we believe Snow will be appearing sans head), Jessica Cameron (The Dead Matter), Kyle Morris (Night of the Living Dead: 3D), Barry Ratcliffe (The Witches of Oz), Tawny Amber Young (Bloody Wedding), Brandon Slagle (2012: Ice Age), Heidi Martinuzzi (Amateur Porn Star Killer 3D) and Carlos Ramirez (Crank 2) all star.



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