[Podcast] 'Aural Pleasure' Gets Bizarre and Talks Black Friday - Bloody Disgusting!

[Podcast] ‘Aural Pleasure’ Gets Bizarre and Talks Black Friday

Could anything be more wrong with our Aural Pleasure guys? In this month’s edition, Jonny, Bill, and Adam (Hugh Janus, Bulbous Head, and A Meat Popsicle, respectively) talk about Skyrim, major record labels considering discontinuing the production of CDs by the end of 2012, what they would do with $500 for Black Friday shopping, and more! Obviously, they make sure to fill up the podcast with horrible obscenities, callous statements, and some potentially inflammatory remarks. All in a days work for these fine fellows!

You’ll find the episode above, below, at this link or by searching for “Bloody Disgusting” on iTunes!

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