A Dream Becomes a Nightmare in 'Bloody Hell' - Bloody Disgusting
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A Dream Becomes a Nightmare in ‘Bloody Hell’



From Michael Richmond Brown comes Bloody Hell, the indie follows director Barry Duffield as his dream of making a hit Vampire film looks set to go up in flames as poltergeist take over the set.

A man, a dream, a nightmare. Bloody Hell is a mockumentary comedy horror about first-time director Barry Duffield, who risks everything to live his dream of making a vampire film. With a young family, their home, and his sanity on the line, Barry can’t afford for anything to go wrong on set.

Poltergeists, vampires, sabotage, and infighting amongst the comical crew ensure that Barry’s dream quickly turns into a nightmare. As things turn nasty, Barry risks losing more than just his mind…he’ll be lucky to get out alive.


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