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See Tons of Practical Effects Work on ‘The Thing’ Remake!

Remember Universal’s The Thing remake? Yeah, I forgot about it too, at least until I started work on my worst of 2011 list being featured later this month. One of the biggest faux pas in the Strike Entertainment prequel/redo was that the film featured an insane amount of CGI. Much like DreamWorks’ Fright Night 3D, it was rumored that the CGI was used to mask a lot of practical work.

Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc., the company behind the visual effects in the creature feature, has uploaded a new video that proves without a shadow of doubt that there should have been a lot more practical effects. Are you ready to have your mind blown? Are you ready to turn red in rage? Are you ready to finally admit that the prequelmake is a piece of sh*t? You will in about 5 minutes…

The Thing arrives on Blu-ray January 31, no word on if this will be included in the extras.




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