[OMFG] From Telugu Comes 'Door Number 8', The Most Hysterically Insane Trailer I Have Ever Seen! - Bloody Disgusting
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[OMFG] From Telugu Comes ‘Door Number 8’, The Most Hysterically Insane Trailer I Have Ever Seen!



Twitch caught wind of a Telugu horror film from 2009 that looks absolutely INSANE. Entitled Aa Intlo (Door Number 8), a Tamil dubbed version is on the way and thus a trailer has been released.

CineGoer.com writes the following about the film: “Chinna and Asha Saini, rechristened Mayuri, move into a new house with their two kids. Chinna is an atheist but is shown as a man who is concerned about the tulsi plant drying up countless times in the portico. He is puzzled and curious about the weeping sounds in the house, his wife falling sick, getting hysterical periodically, the maid and a friend’s death, the constant arguments that has been creating a distance between the couple and finally his kid getting aggressive and violent.

Anyways, said trailer is available inside and will assault your senses. It features just about every scare known to mankind and looks absolutely hysterical. I would do just about anything to watch it NOW!


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