Lucifer Handwrites An Introduction To ‘The Devil’s Carnival’

The Devils Carnival

Just the other day we directed Repo! The Genetic Opera fans to director Darren Lynn Bousman’s latest mind-f*ck. Bousman – who also got behind the camera for Saw II-IV, Mother’s Day, 11-11-11 and the forthcoming The Barrens – launched an official website for a mysterious new project entitled The Devil’s Carnival. The site featured the following colorful 2-minute long short teaser for the yet-to-be filmed genre flick and a forum to brainstorm with other fans on what the carnival will have to offer.

More goodies has found their way online as the lord of the underworld, Lucifer, has handwritten a letter to the sinners of the world. You can read what he has to say after the break. More details on Devil’s Carnival as they come in. The Devils Carnival