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Director Straps On Skis For Supernatural-Yeti-Horror Based On ‘Matterhorn’ Ride

Disney has set Brian Beletic, a hotshot commercials director, to make his feature helming debut on the previously titled The Hill, which is inspired by the theme park “Matterhorn” ride, reports Deadline. The studio is calling the film its “Untitled Explorers Project.”

Penned by Jason Dean Hall, “A small group of young, super adventure/explorers, each with a specific skill set, are brought to the remote backcountry of the Pennine Alps under various guises for a trek across one of the planet’s remaining untouched realms. They do this with extreme skiing, snowboarding and mountaineering.

As we previously reported, the idea is to do a thrilling, fast-paced movie centering on five young adventure seekers who, for mysterious reasons, are called to the top of the mountain and encounter a Yetis on the journey down. There’s said to be a supernatural twist…



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