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‘The Devil Inside’ Sequel Talk “A Little Premature”



The Devil Inside

Opening to an astounding $34 million this weekend, a sequel to Paramount Pictures’ The Devil Inside is obvious, yet it’s a bit too soon to announce anything says Steven Schneider, one of the movie’s executive producers.

It’s a little premature,” Schneider told TheWrap Sunday. “Everybody is processing what happened — the remarkable weekend we had — and feeling really good about that.

But Schneider, who produced Paranormal Activity 3 and Insidious, and who executive produced Paranormal 1 and 2, allowed that he has thought about more Devil Inside.

Certainly the filmmakers and Lorenzo (di Bonaventura) and I would all love to explore that with the studio and I think we believe that there is absolutely the potential to carry forward our storylines from the original. It would be a rather organic and fun process — and one that would lead to great results.

What would you like to see in a sequel? It’s only a matter of time before it’s official…


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