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Video: Understanding The Bizarre Found Footage Thriller ‘Upper’

Back in November I spent an obscure amount of time researching and attempting to understand a new found footage thriller entitled Upper. I was convinced I was being played, but it appears that the movie is legit. The only question that still plagues the picture is whether or not the footage in question is real, like really real.

Doing some research, the madness apparently began earlier last year when a YouTube video surfaced depicting a young girl overdosing and a group of kids standing around laughing. Allegedly, an extortion plot was set into motion back in November of 2010 surrounding the footage, in an attempt get a pay day from the people involved. When a deal wasn’t reached, footage was slowly released into the world. Apparently there’s 393 minutes of recorded evidence.

Anyways, it was reported back in July that Quentin Tarantino had acquired all of the footage with the intent on releasing it as a film entitled Upper. The big conspiracy surrounding the footage is that one of the alleged identified teens is Blake Pennington, apparently some famous blogger whom I’ve never heard of.

After a series of backlash, rumor had it that Tarantino was getting cold feet and backing off releasing the film – yet other unknown parties are pushing to get it released.

Bloody Disgusting learned that said film will screen once at Park City outside of Sundance (probably part of this genius marketing ploy). We also landed a 7-minute long trailer that explains everything up to this point. It’s a lot to digest.



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  • Jchrish89

    Just the thought of an actual film being made that blossomed from an ACTUAL video of a girl overdosing and dying shocks and disturbs me. I’ve seen it all, and I don’t get easily shocked or disturbed. I really don’t know what to think. I’m definitely intrigued by this film.. But it seems kind of messed up to the actual girl’s family and friends to make a movie about her dying from drug use. Maybe I’m missing the point and it’s some sort of brilliant fucking marketing ploy, but I’m most definitely disturbed by the whole thing.

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