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TV: Jessica Lange Teases Potential Return To ‘American Horror Story’

TV Line reports from the ridiculously boring Golden Globes where Jessica Lange teased that she will be among the “two or three” cast members returning for “American Horror Story” Season 2 next fall.

Yes, we are considering a second season,” the actress shared backstage at the Globes. “Nothing is definite yet.

As for who else might return for an encore, Lange said, “That’s going to be entirely up to [the producers]. I know that everybody that is returning will be playing a different character.

“AHS” co-creator Ryan Murphy has previously stated that Season 2 will be “radically different” from Season 1, serving up a new setting/locale and a (mostly) new cast. As for who won’t be back, he only ruled out returns by Dylan McDermott and Connie Britton.

The second season will open up the FX series as an “anthology”.



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