Snowbound Terror In Claustrophobic 'Hostage' - Bloody Disgusting
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Snowbound Terror In Claustrophobic ‘Hostage’



Above you’ll find the first trailer for Michael J. Yurinko’s Hostage, a “story about Eugene (Holt Boggs), a man dealing with a personal tragedy of his family’s death by living at the vacation cabin that they last stayed, only to discover he’s completely snowbound. During Eugene’s desperate attempts to dig himself out, he discovers he’s not alone.

Producer Robert Gordon Spencer (Romero’s Deadtime Stories Vol. 1) said, “Explorative and dynamic have been the two concepts or requirements I’ve focused on while providing feedback for the script as it was written and while we started filming. The key is getting the best out of everyone and putting all of it on film!” He continued, “If you can’t handle ‘scared’, go to the next theater; some of our own crew as well as myself could not help looking over our shoulders during filming. Just standing in the home we are filming in is very creepy.

Poster inside.


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