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Teaser For French Sci-Fi Horror ‘Innocence’

From French directors Jean-Christophe Savelli comes a teaser for Innocence, a feature length sci-fi horror film that’s based on a short of the same name.

It’s described as an epic horror movie, with sf accent based on a simple concept: “reality distortion”. Raphael Bertin penned the script with Savelli.

A group of soliders awake in an unknown place and have to fight to discover the truth and their reality, the notion of confronting two opposing realities.

Not knowing why they’re there, their only motivation is to get out of this maze of rooms and hallways. The way leads them to a providential exit which won’t be without its traps…An undetermined force will ceaselessly divert them from their objective, an exit which is further than they could ever imagine…



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