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Trailer, Title Trouble For Indian ‘Zombie?’

Rock On!! (2008) actor Luke Kenny’s directorial venture, titled Zombie?, has run into trouble since another production company claims that they have already registered the same title. Producer Siddhartha Jain of iRock Media, who is producing director Navdeep Singh’s Rock The Shaadi, another zombie flick, insists he won’t allow Kenny’s film to release without his permission, says Hindustan Times. I guess they never heard of Lucio Fulci’s 1979 film of the same name, too.

In other news, Kenny says he has planned two sequels even before the release of the movie. “I am confident about the story. It is a story which has to be said in three parts. It has all the potential of a trilogy,” Luke told reporters at the launch of his film in India.

He assures that the film will neither be a Zombie comedy nor a Zombie survival series, rather it will be the journey of transformation and origin of Zombie genre.

The film is a Zombie origin film. Indian audience will empathise with the journey of a human being as he is faced with a seemingly insurmountable predicament,” said the actor-director who plays a photographer in the movie.

Trailer after the break.



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