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The WWE Wrestles With How To Make A Found Footage Movie In ‘Bermuda’



I’m always kind of leery when sports and films collide. I’m not talking about movies about sports, I love Moneyball as much as the next guy. I’m talking about when sports franchises decide they want to make movies. Which is what’s happening now. The WWE venturing into horror, found footage specifically, with the newly announced Bermuda.

Per Deadline, “WWE Studios has acquired Bermuda, a found-footage horror spec script by Bobby Lee Darby and Nathan Brookes. Set in the Bermuda Triangle, the story focuses on a documentary film crew that goes missing. The only trace is the discovery of their film footage chronicling their final desperate days. The scribes previously wrote Slaughter, a homage to Japanese cult horror films that won a Horror Screenplay Competition prize at Slamdance. Original Artists repped the scribes along with Hung Entertainment. ”The Bermuda Triangle has always been an intriguing and mysterious setting,” said WWE Studios president Michael Luisi. “Bobby and Nathan’s script puts a very unique spin on the found footage genre.”

We’ll see! At least it doesn’t seem to actually feature wrestling (although the idea of a found footage film about wrestling sounds intriguing). Readers, what are some good examples of the horror and sports worlds colliding? Let me know in the comments!


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