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Lawsuit For ‘The Crow’ Settled, Now All they Need Is A Movie

The Crow

It now looks like, after something like 5 or 6 steps back, we might be one step closer to that remake of The Crow.

According to press release, “The lawsuit between Relativity Media and The Weinstein Company concerning THE CROW has been amicably settled out of court, and the parties will continue to work on the film together as planned. In addition, Relativity Media has dismissed all of its claims against The Weinstein Company for any wrongdoing regarding the release and distribution of NINE, and The Weinstein Company has dismissed all of its claims against Relativity Media.

Now all they need is a director, an approved script, and a cast. Here’s to 2014! Just kidding, there’s a slight chance this could still hit in 2013.



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