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Cage Wants ‘Wicker Man’ Sequel to Haunt Japan

Either Nicolas Cage hasn’t read the reviews or watched the hilarious videos on YouTube because the star of 2006 remake of The Wicker Man is talking sequels.

I would like to hook up with one of the great Japanese filmmakers, like the master that made ‘Ringu,’ and take ‘The Wicker Man’ to Japan…except this time he’s a ghost,” joked Cage during a live webchat at Empire to promote Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance.

In the remake of the 1973 British horror thriller of the same name, Cage plays a reclusive sheriff who goes to search for his estranged daughter after she mysteriously disappears on a secluded island. When he arrives, he senses something more is amiss among the island’s secretive residents as he starts to uncover a mystery involving strange sexual rituals, a harvest festival and possible human sacrifice. Enjoy the following video that sums up the movie beautifully.



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