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‘Spawn’ Lawsuit Settled, Gaiman and McFarlane Shake Hands

If you’re a fan of Todd McFarlane, and are still hoping for that Spawn reboot, then this could be a glimmer of good news. A faint, slight, glimmer mind you. Don’t hold your breath just yet.

Reports are coming in today that Neil Gaiman and Todd McFarlane have settled their lawsuit – a matter that also tied up authorship rights (or at least the clarity of those rights) to several characters in the Spawn universe.

Per the AP, “Fantasy industry giants Neil Gaiman and Todd McFarlane finally called a truce in their long-running legal feud over who owns which characters in the Spawn universe, according to court documents. Jeffrey Simmons, one of Gaiman’s attorneys, said terms of the agreement were confidential. A jury had already found Gaiman a 50 percent owner of content in two Spawn issues and the first three issues of a Spawn spin-off. Simmons said reiterating that declaration would block any appeal. ‘This is intended to put an end to the whole thing. It’s fair to say both parties are pleased to have this resolved,’ Simmons said.

I really don’t care if there’s another Spawn movie. But if you do, it’s likely that McFarlane’s insistence on writing, producing and directing the film is a far bigger financing hurdle than the legal matter with Gaiman.



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